5 Reasons Elementary Students NEED Technology in the Classroom

elementary technology

When you think about your daily life, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep again, technology is closely entwined. You might think that to be true for adults but not so much for kids. However, kids are also highly affected by technology in their daily lives. It can effect their timeliness, how they socialize, how they make purchases, and how they connect. Since smart technology is so prominent in our lives today, why not use it for educational purposes as well? Some may argue that elementary classrooms are not the place for technology and that it may be more distracting than beneficial. However, I have come up with a list of 5 great reasons why elementary students NEED technology in the classroom:

  1. It can help prepare students for their future careers.

In today’s world, technological use is inevitable in the workplace, and I’m not just talking about basic computer skills and software programs. Technology allows for tasks to be performed more quickly and more effectively. Digital literacy can be huge asset to a student’s problem solving skills. There are so many technological tools available today. The more technological skills a student learns, the more valuable he or she will be to an employer in the future. You can never start too young!

2. It helps prepare students for the real world.

Educational technology can improve students’ overall digital literacy. As I already mentioned, technology is closely entwined in many aspects of our daily life. By implementing technological use in the classroom, students become more comfortable with and more aware of how to use technology in ways that can help improve organization, timeliness, communication, and productivity.

3. Integrating technology into lesson plans helps students stay engaged and excited.

To elementary students, technology is fun! So why not implement it into your lesson plans in a way that is both fun and effective? Kids these days are consumed by iPad games, video games, you name it. It only makes sense to combine the excitement and engagement of the games with the lesson plan material.

4. It helps expand the learning beyond the classroom walls.

In a classroom without technology, students are bound by four walls. Whatever they learn is based on what the teacher can bring into the classroom. However, with technology, students and teachers can break down the barriers. No longer will the classroom walls contain them and their learning. Students and teachers will have access to people and places all over the world that could potentially help them in their learning journey.

5. It can change the way teachers teach, offering new and effective ways to reach all types of learners.

Technology doesn’t hinder creativity as some may think. It actually opens the door for more creative thinking when it comes to teaching. There are so many free or inexpensive apps that allow for effective teaching methods in the elementary classroom. These apps can benefit a wide variety of lessons through collaborative work, games, and new methods for quizzes or testing.


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